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Title: The Prize Chapter 7/? - ...ever after, love.
July 2006
...ever after, love.
Mon, Jun. 26th, 2006 10:25 pm
Title: The Prize Chapter 7/?

Title: The Prize Chapter 7/?
Authors: sairalinde & anorienparker
Characters: Haldir/Faramir
Rating: NC-17
Beta: sileya
Feedback: Yes, please to sairalinde@hornofgondor.com or thechroniclesofosgiliath@yahoo.com.
Warnings: Mention of past abuse.
Summary: Faramir is given to Haldir of Lorien in payment for an insult to the Elf by Denethor. Alone and afraid, he realizes that things aren't always what they seem.

Faramir's eyes widened in both pain and fear as Elarin forced him against the wall. When he grabbed his other hand in a viselike grip he feared he would end up raped right in Haldir's living room. Fighting to think beyond his fear, he felt Elarin grind his arousal against him. Revolted and terrified, Faramir gathered his strength and kneed the large Elf in the groin, forcing him to release him and stumble back. Faramir tried to push past him, but wasn't fast enough, when he turned to hit Elarin with the book he found himself propelled backwards against the other wall from a stinging backhanded slap across his face. He knew he couldn't continue to fight him, Elarin was much larger, and in much, much better shape physically than Faramir. The only other choice he had was to scream. So he did.

Grunting from the kick to his groin, Elarin nevertheless managed to throw himself on top of Faramir pressing one hand hard over his mouth as he tried to quell the retched screams that seemed to fill the talan. “You *dare* defy your master? Just shut up and let’s get on with it, and I won’t tell him you disobeyed. This entire episode can be our little secret…it’ll save you another beating at the very least.” As he spoke, he captured both of Faramir’s wrists with one hand and held them above his head as Faramir continued to struggle and try to free himself. “Now, not another word, pet, and I might consider using something to ease the way…though I’m sure Haldir has taken care of that for the day already…” Slowly, he started to move his hand from over Faramir’s mouth so he could free his raging erection and finally get down to business.

When Elarin threw himself against him, Faramir's breath was nearly knocked from him. He struggled to breathe through his nose as the large hand clamped over his mouth and continued to writhe under Elarin, trying to get away from him. Before he could even think, his hands were captured and pinned above him, but at least his voice was no longer blocked. Dragging in a deep breath he screamed for Haldir as loud as he could and thrashed about under the larger frame, though it was to little avail.

Elarin’s hand immediately went back to cover Faramir’s mouth, and he wondered why someone who spread his legs for Haldir would dare refuse *him*. Before he could do or say anything else, however, he felt his entire body being lifted from atop Faramir in one smooth motion. His head felt as if it were on fire, and just before he was slammed face first into the wall before him, he realized he’d been lifted by his hair. Ignoring the fiery pain, he turned around and suddenly found himself face to face with the one Elf on all of Arda he was terrified of…especially with the fire that shone in his eyes as it did now. //Haldir. Gods…what have I done?//

Haldir had been almost to Celeborn’s talan when he realized that he should have brought the notes his Lord had sent, so they could discuss each point in turn, and hopefully keep their meeting short. He’d still been rather far away when he heard his name being called and knew at once that it was Faramir. Fear clutched at his heart, making it hard for him to breathe even as he sprinted back to his talan so fast that his feet barely touched the ground. When he’d opened the door and saw Elarin on top of Faramir, he’d lost all reason, and before he’d even been able to utter a word, he found his hand still clutching a fistful of thick, black hair, long after he’d released Elarin and flung the Elf across the room.

Faramir gasped for breath as Elarin's weight was suddenly lifted off of him, and he closed his eyes in relief as he saw Haldir. His head was pounding and his throat was dry from screaming, but at least Haldir had heard him. Gods, he couldn't have continued to fight against Elarin. He watched as Haldir advanced on the dark-haired Elf, and after a moment he dragged himself up onto unsteady legs to lean against the wall.

Elarin stared wide-eyed at his Captain, and the first words to spill from his mouth were a blatant lie. "He...he wanted this...tell him," he demanded of Faramir, "he wanted this!" His head was ringing from the blow against the wall, and he stayed where he was to keep from agitating Haldir further.

Never taking his eyes from Elarin, Haldir unclenched his fingers and felt the handful of hair still caught in his fist drop to the floor. “Not. One. Word,” He ground out between gritting teeth as he grabbed Elarin’s shirt and lifted him up against the wall so that his feet were several inches from the floor. “Faramir. Are you all right?”

"Y...yes, I am now...but Haldir I didn't...I didn't ask for this," Faramir said softly, wincing from how raw his throat was from screaming so much.

Despite Haldir's warning Elarin continued his lie. "Who are you going to believe? Some Man you've known a week or one of your own wardens you've known for centuries?"

A slow, red cloud of anger was settling over Haldir’s eyes, and it took a moment for Elarin’s words to register. Faramir had called out for him, had needed him…and though Elarin was right in saying they’d known each other for centuries, and he’d only known Faramir for a week, he didn’t even consider believing the other Elf. Not releasing his hold on Elarin, Haldir turned his head slightly and looked into Faramir’s eyes for only a moment before turning back to the dark gaze of his warden. “I am going to believe Faramir,” he said in a calm, perfectly even voice that belied the fire in his eyes. “And I am going to make sure you never even consider *looking* at him again.”

Elarin's mouth dropped open to protest when Haldir said he believed Faramir over him, but then noticed the look in his commander's eyes and held his tongue. This was *not* going at all like he planned.

Faramir stood unable to do anything other than try to keep his legs from buckling. He swallowed hard when Haldir said that he believed him, and his shoulders sagged in relief. At least now he was certain that the hurtful words Elarin had spoken earlier had been nothing but lies. He hadn't believed that Haldir would allow him to come here and do this, but at least now he knew for certain.

Haldir slowly pressed his hand against Elarin’s throat, until he saw the Elf’s face growing dark as he struggled to breathe. “You are stripped of your rank,” he said softly, not letting up on the pressure in the least, “and all of Lorien will know what you are – nothing but a sad, pathetic excuse for an Elf who cannot find a willing partner.” His free hand moved down between Elarin’s legs, and he grabbed through the fabric of the Elf’s leggings at the now-limp flesh and sac that hung below. Squeezing hard, he twisted his hand and ground Elarin’s balls together as he continued. “And I think you will have no use for these after today.”

Elarin's eyes bulged as Haldir's hand tightened around his throat, and he fought for breath, his hands scrabbling ineffectually at Haldir's. When he was stripped of his rank, he jolted, feeling fury roll through him at the young man standing a few feet away, but before he could think he was in excruciating pain and screamed with all the breath he could muster.

Faramir winced unable to see someone, even someone he loathed as much as Elarin suffer, and he honestly wasn't sure Haldir wouldn't just finish the Elf. Not that he didn't deserve what he was getting...but he didn't wish Haldir to kill the Elf...for Haldir's sake alone he moved forward. "Haldir...Haldir please, I think...that's enough..." he said softly, placing his hand on Haldir's arm. "I'm okay...just...make him go." He had no idea what the laws in Lorien were, but he knew what they were in Gondor. Defending a ‘pet’ was not considered self-defense or the same as defending a mate.

The softly spoken words and Faramir’s touch combined to calm Haldir almost at once, though he would have still gladly made Elarin suffer even more. Turning to look at the Man beside him, he saw clear, familiar blue eyes pleading silently with him, and he felt the blood that was pounding in his ears slowly settle. Nodding, he loosened his hold on Elarin and heard him gasp for breath. Without another word, he drug the Elf over to the door and wasn’t at all surprised to find one of his most trusted captains, Ereinion, an Elf who lived in a talan just behind Haldir’s at the bottom of the stairway, nervously gazing up at him, having heard the screams and sounds of fighting and come to investigate. “Take him to the prisoner’s quarters,” he said, practically throwing the moaning Elf down at his captain. “After all of Lorien knows what he is, he will be banned from her borders forever…after, of course, we will see how Lord Celeborn feels about a rapist sailing to Aman.”

Elarin found himself surprised when Faramir asked Haldir to stop. That puzzled him even through the fog of pain. He felt Haldir's hands release him, only to drag him to the door and throw him out. He choked and gasped for breath as Ereinion caught him and slid to his knees before the other Elf dragged him up again. Before he could even look back the door was slammed shut and then realization finally dawned on him.

Faramir stood silently as Haldir slammed the door, and he backed up a step when the Elf turned to look at him. He didn't know what to say for a moment and simply stood motionless, before tears welled up in his eyes, and he threw himself into Haldir's arms, finally letting all of his emotions out. He murmured ‘thank you for coming back for me’ over and over again.

Haldir’s arms wound around Faramir’s waist at once, and he sank to the floor, holding the shivering young man close as he closed his eyes and let his hands roam, assuring himself that Faramir wasn’t injured. “Gods, I’m so sorry,” he whispered. “I knew he was trouble, but I never thought he’d go this far.”

Faramir hugged Haldir even closer as he sank down with him and he tried to calm himself down. "I didn't either," he said softly through his tears. "I fought back, but I just wasn't any match for him...the best I could do was scream and hope you or at least someone kind would hear me." Burying his face against Haldir's neck his breath hitched as he still tried to calm himself. He ached a bit from being thrown around and realized that his face hurt. At that moment he remembered the slap and leaned back, touching his finger to his lip and finding drying blood there.

Seeing Faramir’s injury made Haldir wish he’d *really* hurt Elarin, but the Elf was long gone now. Moving a hand that was suddenly shaking up to gently cup Faramir’s face, Haldir let his thumb run lightly over his chin, wincing as he saw both the split lip and the bruises already forming on his companion’s wrists. “I know,” he whispered softly, releasing Faramir’s chin to bring each wrist to his lips for a soft kiss over the darkened skin before continuing. “Elarin is strong, even for an Elf. I just thank the Valar I had to come back for the note Celeborn sent…I don’t even want to think about what would have happened if…Gods. I just can’t believe he thought he had the right to touch you, dear one.”

"He claimed you gave him permission," Faramir whispered softly. "I didn't believe him though, and then when he lied and said I wanted it, I knew for certain. He...he seemed...well, he thought...that you and I were...he thinks probably what most others do, that I am here serving my 'purpose', just as Feanor and my father intended me to." Watching Haldir's eyes darken, Faramir leaned forward and rested his head against his chest. "And if you say any of this is your fault, I'll...I don't know...bop you with that book I planned to hit Elarin with or something."

Once again, Haldir’s anger at Elarin was tempered by Faramir’s words, and he couldn’t help but chuckle as he was teasingly threatened with the rather large book. He’d never known anyone who could make him laugh as easily, and even now, only moments after being attacked and almost raped, Faramir was trying to calm him and take his guilt away. “As far as I’m concerned, your only ‘purpose’ here is to be happy, pen velui.” Pressing his lips to soft ginger-colored hair, he sighed and pulled Faramir closer. “I think Lord Celeborn will understand if I have to postpone our meeting. In the meantime, as soon as you’re up to it, I think we should take that ‘tour’ around Lorien, so everyone will see how much you mean to me…and no one will dare touch you unless you wish it. I know…I mean, I understand if you *do* see someone you wish to…be with, but for now, I hope you will at least let me offer my protection, if nothing else.”

Faramir's heart felt lighter when Haldir chuckled, and he was pleased that the Elf wasn't nearly so upset as before. Neither of them could have known that Elarin would attempt what he did. He sighed softly when Haldir pressed his lips against him and he scooted into his guardian's lap. "I am happy here with you, and I would love to go with you anywhere you like, but...I don't want your protection," he said softly. When Haldir opened his mouth to say something in response, Faramir pressed his fingers against his lips. "I wish to be with *you* for no other reason than *you* make me happy. I don't want anyone else. Only you. Do you realize that not once, but twice you have fought for me now? Once you didn't even know my name, and you fought for me. I *am* grateful for that, and your saving me once again today...but I don't just desire protection." //I desire you, but now after what just happened might not be the best time to say it.//

Haldir’s heart felt lighter as Faramir spoke, and the thought crossed his mind that while he wanted to protect the Man in his arms from anything and anyone who might hurt him, he wanted so much more than that as well. Gazing into sparkling blue eyes, he let his fingertips trace lightly over the dear face before him, and he felt his heart skip a beat at the trust and honesty in Faramir’s gaze. “I will always fight for you,” he whispered softly. “And I will give you anything you desire, for as long as I draw breath.” He knew, without the slightest doubt, that he was no longer falling for Faramir…he’d fallen, completely and utterly, in love with him, though he couldn’t say exactly when it had happened. Perhaps as those startling piercing eyes gazed at him for the first time, or perhaps their first night together, when Faramir had snuggled so close and relaxed against him, unconsciously trusting Haldir even in his sleep, despite what he’d been told. Or perhaps, it was when Faramir was afraid and called out to him, only moments ago, knowing that Haldir would save him.

Faramir smiled despite the ache of doing so and buried his face against Haldir's neck. He was still feeling shaken up from his attack, but simply being in Haldir's arms calmed his nerves immensely. After several long moments he drew away and looked into Haldir's beautiful blue eyes. "Come sit with me a bit before you go meet with Lord Celeborn? I know, you said you'd ask him to postpone, but you don't have to...I...I think I will be fine here again...though I won't be opening the door to anyone for a while, I think, until I'm absolutely certain who is on the other side...or...or take me with you. I can sit outside or something and wait...but I do not think it would be right for you not to go see him. He summoned you for a reason, I'm sure, and I don't want him to think that I'm keeping you from your duties."

Haldir closed his eyes and relaxed as Faramir rested against him for long, perfect moments. He couldn’t seem to stop touching the young man, and even now, his hands moved softly over Faramir’s back and arms, soothing himself as much as he was soothing his companion. “How about I have Rumil ask Lord Celeborn to postpone our meeting until later this evening? You and I can rest here for the afternoon, then go together to see him before we have dinner with my brothers? I think it is time my Lord met you, since I’m hoping you will be a permanent resident in Lorien. Despite your experiences so far, I think you would grow to love it here, once the less…pleasant aspects of our fair race are weeded out. Though…we can have dinner with Rumil and Orophin some other night if you aren’t up to it tonight.”

"I was looking forward to going tonight, so yes, I'd still like to go. I imagine I might not look very presentable at the moment, but I would like to go anyway. I'd also like to meet Lord Celeborn as well. I do not think all Elves are like Feanor or Elarin. Feanor, in fact, never tried to....to do *that*, he just treated me how he thought I should be considering how my father gave me to him, and he was trying to 'buy' you with a gift, I think. Elarin though...he truly frightened me more than anyone else has in a great while," Faramir whispered, remembering his time with the Haradrim. They *had* raped him, though they'd had permission to do so. He shuddered from the memory and tried to push it away.

“I think I would have killed Elarin, had you not asked me to stop,” Haldir said softly, almost to himself. As Faramir shuddered in his arms, he shook his head and pushed that thought away, not even wanting to think about his former warden until he was certain Faramir was truly all right. “What are you thinking about, dear one? Elarin or…something else?”

Faramir looked up at Haldir and shook his head slowly. "Something...from what seems a lifetime ago," he whispered. "I...it was a long time ago, Haldir...this today just...reminded me of it, but it also reminds me that despite what bad has happened since I arrived here...much good has, too. I met you...I'm here with you now, and that makes up for so much. And...to be honest...the only reason I asked you to stop with Elarin wasn't to save his sorry skin, but yours. I do not know your laws here, but I feared if you killed him that I would lose you. I couldn't bear that thought."

Haldir yet again wondered what kind of life Faramir had lived before he’d been brought here. He knew the basics, of course, but could scarcely bear to imagine a man treating his own son in such a degrading and heartless manner. “Oh, dear one, you won’t lose me,” he said softly. “Nothing would have happened to me if I had killed him. In fact, I dare say my killing him would have been a mercy compared to what will happen to him once Lord Celeborn hears of his actions. I…well, I am the highest ranked of the Marchwardens, and what he tried to do is punishable by whatever means I decide. And though I would have killed him out of pure, unadulterated rage, it would have been my right as your…well…as your guardian, I suppose, though most often it is the mate of the injured party who gets to decide how to punish the wrongdoer. I know…I mean, I know I am not your mate, but…//Gods, I would love to be …// you get the idea, I’m sure….”

Faramir nodded as he listened to Haldir explain and found himself almost smiling when Haldir somewhat stumbled around his title of guardian versus mate. "Well...in all but one way, you are my mate, I would suppose," Faramir said softly, hoping he hadn't said something he shouldn't have. "We share a bed, a home, just...not...not our bodies //though Gods, I've wanted to// so it isn't so different." Shifting in Haldir's arms, he realized they were still in the middle of the living room floor. "Why don't we move somewhere easier on your knees?"

Smiling, Haldir wondered if he would ever have the privilege of knowing Faramir intimately, of sharing more than soft kisses and long, perfect nights holding him close…or if Faramir would only want that as a way to thank him or repay him. Pushing his dark thoughts away, Haldir managed to stand up, still holding Faramir close to him, cradling him as if he were the most precious gift on all of Arda…and, to Haldir, that’s exactly what he was. Pressing a soft kiss to Faramir’s temple, he carried him toward their bed and gently lay him down. “Let me give Rumil a message to take to Lord Celeborn,” he said softly. “I will call for him…don’t worry, I won’t leave you alone, dear one. I’m just going to the door.”

Yet again, Faramir felt absolutely treasured as Haldir picked him up and carried him to their bed. When he laid him down, part of him wished to simply pull Haldir into the bed with him and offer himself to him. "All right," he whispered in response and smiled up at Haldir. He watched as Haldir backed away, and he couldn't help loving him all the more for the gesture. //Love. I think maybe that is exactly what this is. I love him.// When Haldir returned, Faramir scooted over in the bed to make room and then immediately snuggled back up against the Elf.

Both arms wrapped tightly around Faramir as soon as Haldir crawled into their bed. If Haldir held him a bit closer than normal, it was only because he realized how close he’d come to possibly losing the Man he loved to the dark place from which he’d just managed to find his way clear of. His earlier consuming rage at Elarin and the sudden fear that had almost overwhelmed him as he heard Faramir calling for him suddenly combined to exhaust him, and he found his eyes drooping almost before Faramir had finished snuggling against him. “Rest, my lovely one,” he whispered softly as his eyes unfocused and glazed. “Dream about happiness and laughter and snuggling on the couch with an Elf who would do anything to make you smile. And before you ask…that Elf would be me.”

Faramir laughed softly and pressed a gentle kiss against Haldir's cheek. "I think I knew that...sweet dreams, Haldir," he whispered. His eyes sank closed as he rested against his guardian, and Faramir hoped one day he could tell Haldir how he really felt. He thought maybe it was still a bit too soon. Haldir may not think it genuine, especially after what had happened with Elarin. So Faramir would bide his time and wait until the time was right to tell Haldir how he felt. He fell asleep with a soft smile on his face, despite everything, even the cut that marred his lip...he was perfectly content in strong, protective, caring arms.