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Title: The Prize Chapter 6/? - ...ever after, love.
July 2006
...ever after, love.
Mon, Jun. 19th, 2006 10:33 pm
Title: The Prize Chapter 6/?

Title: The Prize Chapter 6/?
Authors: sairalinde & anorienparker
Characters: Haldir/Faramir
Rating: NC-17
Beta: sileya
Feedback: Yes, please to sairalinde@hornofgondor.com or thechroniclesofosgiliath@yahoo.com.
Warnings: Mention of past abuse.
Summary: Faramir is given to Haldir of Lorien in payment for an insult to the Elf by Denethor. Alone and afraid, he realizes that things aren't always what they seem.

Faramir sat at his new writing desk as Haldir read a book on the couch nearby, and he composed a letter to be taken to Boromir to assure him that his ‘little one’ was, in fact, in a much better and…happier place. At least this first full day with him feeling better from his fever had been incredibly happy.

My dearest brother,

I am writing to assure you that your little one is fine. I did not believe I would be, and I know you did not either, considering the nature of how I left, but please be assured that I am very well and very happy.

And no, I did not escape as we discussed. I am here with he to whom I was gifted, but…he turned out to be a very kind Elf. He has given me all I could ever ask for or want and has asked nothing in return other than my friendship.

I became ill shortly after arriving, only a cold and fever, but my new guardian cared for me throughout it. I think you would like him a great deal. He treats me…with more respect than I am accustomed to, considering the last several years.

The one who took me has been placed under arrest, in fact, even though I was given, my guardian feels that he should not have accepted a person in exchange for insults, though now that he knows the way my life was before, he is glad that it happened and honestly, I am, too.

I love you, and I miss you, but I am in such a better place. Even if my guardian were to change his mind and ask me to be his servant, I would do it gladly, but at this point he will not even let me refill my own cup of tea. Such a change from what I’m accustomed to!

I do not believe I will be returning home for a great while, perhaps not ever, but I will miss you. Perhaps we can try and write and meet somewhere between our homes so you can be assured by your own eyes that I am very well.

As you can tell I have not used names in this for fear of it falling into the wrong hands.

Just know that I love you and I am safe, safer now than I have been in a great while.

With love,
Your little one.


Faramir turned the page of his book and leaned his head back against Haldir's shoulder, not even realizing that he was using his guardian as a pillow. After breakfast that morning they had moved the chest into the bedroom, and later Faramir wrote a letter to his brother, then by that afternoon he and Haldir had sat down on the couch to read. During the course of the afternoon, Faramir had shifted on the couch to avoid a beam of sunlight that kept creeping over his pages and making it difficult to read. He supposed he was being lazy, he could have moved or put something over the window, but he didn't want to get up, and he wasn't about to say anything because he didn't want to disturb Haldir who seemed engrossed in his own book. So he had shifted until he was leaning against Haldir as he read, and the Elf didn't seem to mind that.

Haldir tried his best not to smile each time Faramir moved closer. He was grateful for the ray of sunlight that seemed intent on chasing his companion across the couch, and he casually moved so that Faramir’s head would be cushioned against his shoulder as the afternoon wore on. While his book was interesting, he found his mind wandering more than once to the Man beside him. Breathing in the soft scent of almond soap and some sweet, unnamable fragrance that was Faramir’s own, and one that Haldir was quickly growing incredibly fond of, he felt relaxed and more content than he’d felt in all the countless centuries of his life thus far.

He wasn’t sure how Faramir felt about him, but Haldir knew his own feelings were growing deeper each day. Still afraid to push things too far, lest the still somewhat timid young Man might think that Haldir only wanted him for one thing – namely sex – they had shared little more than chaste kisses and gentle touches outside of the bedroom. Even inside, Haldir did nothing more than hold Faramir close, relishing the feel of holding such sweet innocence in his arms every night.

Haldir’s head tilted to one side and rested on the top of Faramir’s, and while his eyes stayed glued to his book, he took a deep breath and smiled, thinking how perfectly they fit together like this, even while doing something as innocent as passing a warm afternoon on the couch and reading.

Smiling about something in his book, Faramir turned and looked up at Haldir only to find that he was already looking at him. "I'm not disturbing you, am I?" he asked, wondering if maybe his shifting around on the couch had irritated Haldir.

Haldir shook his head and smiled. “No, pen velui, you aren’t disturbing me at all. In fact, I quite enjoy relaxing with you like this. I can’t seem to stop looking at you, though, so I hope I’m not disturbing you…” His gaze moved from Faramir’s dear face to the door of his talan. “Someone is coming,” he sighed. “Just when I thought how perfect this afternoon was and hoped it would continue…”

Feeling his heart warm from the endearment that Haldir seemed to bestow on him so easily, Faramir smiled. He began to shake his head that no, Haldir was not disturbing him, but the Elf’s next words made him sit up and lay his book aside. "Maybe it is one of your brothers?"

“It doesn’t sound like them,” Haldir said, putting his own book aside and getting to his feet. He was at the door waiting by the time footsteps landed at the bottom of the stairway to his talan, thinking longingly of how much he wanted to get back on the couch next to Faramir.

Before anyone could knock, Haldir opened the door and sighed when he saw who it was. “Elarin, didn’t I tell you to send me any messages you might have via my brothers?”

Elarin bowed his head and looked down for a moment, his face flushing as he remembered how Haldir had closed the door in his face the last time he’d been here. “Yes sir, you did, but Lord Celeborn asked me to deliver this message to you personally.” Holding out a small piece of parchment rolled and tied with a silver ribbon, he kept his head down as Haldir sighed and closed his fingers on the document.

As Haldir untied the ribbon and began to read, Elarin couldn’t resist lifting his eyes just enough so that he could see inside the talan. Faramir was sitting on the couch alone and looking more than a little uncomfortable. //I bet Haldir takes a firm hand with him. And I bet he is so afraid of his master that he wouldn’t open his mouth if I told him Haldir said I could have my way with him…especially if he learned his lesson last time and learned to be seen and not heard…//

Faramir sat up a little straighter on the couch as he saw who was at the door and tried to keep his eyes from betraying how uncomfortable Elarin made him feel. After a moment though, he almost felt like pulling the blanket on the back of the couch over him for one more layer of protection between himself and Elarin. The Elf not only made him uncomfortable, he realized, he also frightened Faramir...more than the Man cared to admit. He remained silent as he watched Haldir read the message and tried not to make eye contact with Elarin again.

Elarin bit back a smirk as Faramir looked away from him. //Oh, he wants me…and who can blame him? Haldir is handsome enough, but I bet the little whore wants to know what it’s like to be with a *real* Elf!//

“Very well,” Haldir said. “I think I need to speak with Lord Celeborn personally about this, rather than send a message. You may go, Elarin. I will handle this from here.”

“Yes, sir,” Elarin said, in his most convincing voice, hoping to have at least one moment alone with Faramir. “Would you like me to stay and…watch over your //pet// talan?”

“My talan is perfectly safe, Elarin,” Haldir said firmly, remembering how uncomfortable Faramir was around the raven-haired Elf. “I *said* you may go. I suggest you do so now.” With that, he closed the door in Elarin’s face again.

Faramir almost gaped when Elarin asked to watch over the talan and was grateful when Haldir quickly dispensed with that idea. Once Haldir closed the door behind their unexpected visitor, Faramir relaxed as he watched Haldir still looking down at the parchment in his hand. "Will...will you be gone long?" Faramir asked, suddenly realizing he hadn't been left alone in Haldir's talan since he'd arrived.

Haldir looked up at Faramir and shook his head. “Hopefully only a few hours,” he said, laying the parchment on the small table that sat by the door. Crossing over to the couch, he sat down again and, as was his habit now, tucked a lock of hair behind Faramir’s ear. “Will you be all right until I return?”

Smiling as Haldir tucked his hair behind his ear, Faramir nodded. "I think so...just hadn't realized until just now I haven't been completely alone since I arrived here...maybe I'll take the opportunity to rummage through your things," he teased.

Laughing softly, Haldir took one of Faramir’s hands in his own and squeezed it gently. “Well, I have nothing to hide…much,” he countered with a smile. “You already know my darkest secret, so there is little that I can think of that could be worse than that. Though if you find anything, I’d be anxious to see what it is. Even an Elf can forget a lot as the centuries go by. There’s no telling what you might find.”

Laughing as well, Faramir shook his head, "I'll be sure and let you know what I discover then," he teased. Looking down at their joined hands, Faramir felt a wave of happiness wash over him. It felt so *right* sitting with Haldir this way. "I guess you should go though, you don't want to keep your Lord waiting, I'll be here when you get back...I'll just finish up my book and keep your spot on the couch warm," he said with a grin.

Unable to resist, Haldir leaned forward and placed a soft kiss against Faramir’s cheek. If he had been one to blush, he thought, he would be practically glowing now. Quickly getting to his feet, he hurried across the talan, stopping only to grab his cloak from a hook on the wall. “I shall return to you and my warm spot on the couch as soon as possible,” he said, giving one final look back at Faramir and almost letting the words ‘I’ll miss you’ fall from his lips. Smiling ruefully at himself, he walked out the door and hurried in the direction of the talan Lord Celeborn shared with the Lady of the Wood, who also happened to be his wife.

Faramir felt his face grow warmer as Haldir kissed his cheek and yet again he wondered what he would need to do to get a real kiss from him one day soon. He watched as Haldir headed out the door, and he waved goodbye to him. "I'll be waiting," Faramir said, smiling. As the door closed behind Haldir, he sighed and grabbed his book. He leaned back on the couch and immediately thought it was nothing compared to leaning against Haldir.

Elarin, who had started back to his talan, was still more than a little upset at practically being thrown out of Haldir’s home yet again. It had happened often over the years, as he’d tried to ingratiate himself with his captain or even his brothers, but for some reason, no one seemed to let their relationship go beyond what it was, which was nothing, really, except the same distant, almost disdainful relationship Haldir shared with almost every other Elf in Lorien.

Hearing a noise behind him, Elarin turned to see Haldir himself making his way toward Lord Celeborn’s talan. Rarely did any audience with the Lord of the Golden Wood last less than an afternoon, and a slow, devious grin touched the dark-haired Elf’s lips. //A little taste of Haldir’s pet is the very least I deserve. Besides…I could tell he wanted me. He tries to look away, but undoubtedly, it’s only so that his master won’t see the longing in his eyes…//

Elarin stopped and waited for Haldir to get out of sight, then turned and made his way slowly back the way he’d come. Moments later, he was making his way up the winding staircase, not even bothering to try and sneak up on the man, so sure was he that Faramir would welcome him.

Faramir had settled back on the couch reading, though more often than not his mind wandered to thoughts of Haldir. How kind he'd been to him, how sweet he was, how incredibly sexy he was when he smiled mischievously when they were teasing one another. He already cared for him so much, and he wondered if he should simply admit to how he felt or at least thought he felt. He'd never been in love before, but surely thinking about someone so much and missing them when they hadn't been gone but a few minutes had to be love? His musings were cut short when he heard someone coming up the stairs, and he looked over and saw the parchment on the table where Haldir had left it. Maybe he needed to take it with him? Faramir closed his book and carried it with him to grab the parchment and meet Haldir at the door. Without looking to see who it was first, he simply swung the door wide with a smile on his face and the words "Forgot something?" on his lips, but immediately the words died in his throat. "What are you doing here?"

Elarin heard footsteps crossing the talan and grinned. //He knew I’d come back, the little slut. I bet he’s been waiting for Haldir to leave so we could have a moment alone.// Seeing nothing but the smile on Faramir’s face as he opened the door, Elarin quickly stepped inside and reached out to grab the Man’s wrist. “What do you think I’m doing here, pet?” he asked, jerking on Faramir’s arm and pulling him close. “I came back to sample a bit of what I’m sure Haldir has gotten every night and day since you were delivered to him…”

Faramir gasped as Elarin grabbed his wrist. He tried to move away from the large Elf, but his grip merely tightened fiercely around Faramir's wrist. "I...you shouldn't be here...you have to leave!" Faramir snapped as he struggled to pull away again. He didn't know what to do or say, but he certainly wasn't going to just let this happen. He no longer *had* to, and he didn't want this. The heavy book was still clutched in his other hand, and he tightened his grip on it, determined to use it as a weapon if he had to.

Squeezing Faramir’s wrist even harder, Elarin backed him up against the wall next to the door and kicked it closed behind him. //So…he likes to play games, does he? I don’t have time for this! Maybe I should just cut to the chase and tell him to get on his hands and knees…// Getting more furious by the moment as he felt Faramir trying to pull away, Elarin moved closer until merely a hair’s breadth separated their lips. He knew how to make these games stop…quickly. “Listen, *pet*,” he said as his free hand captured Faramir’s, which was still holding the book, and he ground his already aching erection against the Man’s thigh. “We both know why you’re here, what you do for your ‘master’. Well, I suggest you get ready to do what you do best…Haldir gave me permission to use you as I see fit…and I see fit to fuck you, right here, right now.”