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...ever after, love.

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This is a fanfic community created for those who love romance.

The ideal of true love is paramount. If your characters are 'in love' but shagging everyone within a mile this does not qualify, sorry...as lovely as those stories are this com is only for posting 'one' true love stories. :D

The only requirements for the fics in everafter_love is all stories *must* be centered around the ideals of love and romance.

All stories must be slash either femslash or m/m slash (incidental het ok but the story cannot focus on it)
Character death NOT allowed
NO FLAMES (offenders will be banned)
Crossovers and A.U. welcome
ALL stories MUST have appropriate warnings and must be under a cut
ALL images 'not work safe' MUST be under a cut

REQUIREMENT: LOTR fandom only both FPS and RPS

Legal: Stories posted here are not for profit. They are fiction. Because the stories are of an adult nature and feature mature themes you must be 18 (age of majority in the U.S.) to join.

romance is love
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